Lili went to Photography School at the Miami Art Center. She lived in Paris, Lisbon, Mexico , New York , Miami, Asia and East Africa currently based in Spain.Traveling and taking photos become her window to freedom and personal growth. Learning from all the diversified cultures and experiencing life in so many places has allowed her to return to that happy 5 years old child. Every time she opens her eyes or looks at someone, she thinks of a picture and a story to tell. Portraiture is her favourite, with a special care for tribes, underprivileged communities, minorities and specially women empowerment and growth.

Lili decided to follow her heart and travel her way; taking portraits of people in remote areas all over the world and documenting for different Organisations and NGO` like ; Africa Direct, Wil Uganda, Wori , One day yes, Awra Amba , Street Of India, Femmes Solidaires.

Lili is seeking for purity, simplicity and connection in a picture as well as understanding the meaning of each penetrating look, ways of living and feeling.

Being with nothing is the richest gift i got in life, it allows me to connect.