Most women and young girls, like Ester and Stella besides working on the collective piece of land given , also engage in household activities that require water—such as cooking, cleaning, and clothes washing—they are more likely to be blamed and shamed than men for the inability to meet social cleanliness standards for homes, children and families. Both food and water insecurity have been linked with sexual and gender-based violence.Drivers of food and water insecurity include ecological factors such as seasonal changes, climate changes, drought, and flooding, the abuse continuous, no matter what factor it derivens from.

" If you are free, you need to free somebody else. If you have some power then your job is to empower somebody else. " Women empowerment is the greatest gift one give and receive. Women are strong and resilience is shown everyday by this women. This is a special day and i am proud to be part of it. Wil Uganda , Women day .

Menstruation is plagued with taboo, women are considered weak, and not worthy , awareness is being created for this beautiful brave girls and we say " its OK to have your period " . Girls don`t go to school during their menstruation and they use clothes or dry leaves. Being discriminated and enduring this condition is the most normal thing among so much other things that society inflicts on the female gender.

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